Mentoring is such a rewarding experience!

Our children’s Directors had an opportunity to take a few of our young ladies on an outing to the Fredericksburg Kids Expo and they had a blast. This was the first time that these particular kids had the opportunity to visit the expo. It was an amazing day as we heard back from the parents.

Mentoring is not hard! It’s a time that you get to invest in the life of another. It could be one, two or three hours per week. You get to decide. I promise you, the time spent with a child, is a great investment in yourself and the mentee.

Would you consider mentoring. You have so much to share with others. Why not invest in another deserving individual.

If you would like more information, email our mentor coordinator, Teshia Hackler. She will gladly set a time to share with you and answer any questions that you may have. She can be reached by email.

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